The Feisty Italian specializes in creating authentic Southern Italian cuisine indigenous to the Molise region of Italy. Southern Italian food is the healthiest and most delicious cuisine in the world. All dishes made by The Feisty Italian are naturally filled with vitamins and nutrients. The Feisty Italian offers vegan/vegetarian, kosher,
gluten-free, fish, poultry, and meat menus.

COOKING CLASSES: When you book The Feisty Italian, you will learn to prepare vegetables for salads, soups and stews - obtain knife skills - make gravy (Italian tomato sauce) - prepare meats, poultry, and fish then cook them to tender perfection - season foods so that you’ll cry out for mercy from sheer gastronomic delight! 

PRIVATE CHEF SERVICES: The Feisty Italian offers a variety of private chef services for your specific needs.  Cooks for events for up to 30 people. Click on "Book" for further information on our private chef services.

COOKBOOK:  Purchase your copy of The Feisty Italian Cookbook today!  Learn to create 64 delicious recipes! If you are located in Manhattan, we will hand deliver as many copies of Sandra's cookbook as you'd like. 

Sandra Catena is the owner of The Feisty Italian.
 Born a first-generation Italian-American, Sandra learned how to cook Southern Italian food from her grandmother. Whether you hire Sandra to teach a cooking class or serve as a personal chef, you will have a wonderful experience and eat the best food anywhere! 

Call 917-257-8917 or e-mail to book a service or purchase a copy of The Feisty Italian Cookbook.

"Sandra Catena is a combination of Scheherazad and a world class cooking teacher! She entered our home with infectious enthusiasm for the art and science of cooking. During class, my wife and I were held spellbound by Sandra's stories of food, family, and the origin of Southern Italian cuisine. After 2-hours, we ate a delectable 3-course dinner! We hired Sandra for two more classes that night."       Tom A.
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